South Pacific - Keep Out!

The South Pacific - one of the most beautiful and most expensive tourist destinations on our planet. Cristal clear water in stunning lagoons, plenty fish and incredible nature and landscape. So why are legendary Hotels like the Taharaa Hotels on Tahitis’ North shore closed years ago?

Club Med Bora Bora and Moorea closed 2009 and since then they are abandoned. But also the Sheraton on Rarotonga the main island of the Cook Islands was never finished, building stopped because of financing problems including a Mafia conspiracy.

Tourism in such prime location could be decreasing due to the price-performance ratio in the south pacific compared to booming destinations in like Thailand, Bali or the Philippines. Honeymooners spend one or two days instead of two weeks in Bora Bora because the prices are high and the service compared to South East Asia is poor.

These images show the situation in April 2011 around the South Pacific.